Solar Thermal Hot Water

How it works

Solar Thermal hot water is very simply the conversion of the suns energy, in the form of sunlight converted into energy. It is simple & sustainable, making it an ideal option for greener living and is good for the environment.

A solar system in summer months could produce up to 90% of the hot water needed in an average domestic property. If there is a shortfall, it could be provided by an electric immersion or a standard boiler, as the 2 would be used in conjunction with each other.

Solar panels would be installed on your roof, these are known as the collectors. The heat is ‘collected’ from the sun and the energy from this is used to heat up water, which would be stored in a cylinder.

The Pros & Cons of Solar Thermal


  • Reduced energy bills, the initial outlay of costs would pay for itself, as sunlight is free.
  • Even on non-sunny days the system works all year round.
  • This source of energy will lower your houses carbon footprint
  • Maintenance costs are very low & require little maintenance.
  • You may be able to receive payments for the heat you generate through the UK Government’s RHI Scheme


  • In winter there could sometimes not be sufficient solar gain to deliver enough hot water for your property, depending on your consumption. This could be supplied by a back up of a boiler or immersion.
  • You will need approx 5 square meters of space, which faces the right direction to properly receive direct sunlight. Ideally a roof, but they can also be used on a frame or even a wall.